Saturday, February 5, 2011

Altered Victorian Pocket w/tea cup

Another altered pocket. This one is for my dear friend Kat. She loves Victorian so I tried to keep it within that era but I might have gotten just a tad carried away. Once I started adding flowers, I just didn't know how to stop. They seem to be everywhere. I also have lace and fringe thru out the pocket with a bit of bling. There are also butterflies fluttering around and a cute little bird perched above her head. There is also a very tiny sign under the lady that says unique cause that's what Kat is; A very unique and giving lady. And if you look really close at the paper, you'll see that I actually stitched it. My first time ever stitching something that didn't fall apart on me. But then there's still time for that. LOL To the side is a cup of tea to stuff down into the pocket. I added flowers to that also, along with lace birds (on the back) and a dragon fly on the front. Thanks so much for taking a peek.


  1. This is just way to lovely!! Miss Kat is gonna love it!!

  2. Yes, I have this gorgeous pocket hanging from my lamp, and it is even more marvelous IRL!!!!
    Can't thank you enough, Brat for the gorgeous piece of art, I love it!!!