Monday, April 11, 2011

I decided to try my hand at a few cross's. I picked these up at Michaels for one dollar each. They are just simple wood cross's about 7inches tall. The top cross I papered and added flowers, lace, butterflies and other embellies to it. The rose colored vines are from 3tailscraft website that you can get to on the right hand side of my screen. I inked them and added just a touch of glitter to them for a bit of sparkle. The bottom cross is painted gold. I tried to keep it a bit more simple so that the cross didn't disappear into the embellies but still I got a bit carried away. I used two corner vines from 3tailscraft for this cross, inked them and added a bit of glitter to them also. I then added white and pink teeny tiny unopened rose buds thru out the vine. The lace is removeable on back. 

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  1. oh debbie, i just love these. especially the bottom one with the blue and white flower. makes me think of my baby that i lost.