Monday, August 29, 2011

These are just a few small items I like to work on to keep my mojo going. Three tags and a trifold card. I call the trifold card  the Society Lady. The other three items are tags. Tags are always fun to make and help to keep my thought waves in constant motion. I've really been into the pinks lately. Such a soft color to work with.


  1. Debbie, as always, your creations are a cut above the rest. I love your "pink" phase and the hat lady is so elegant. Lovely creations!

  2. And who was the recipient of that first over the top, pick me up off the floor, bend me over and let me drool, gorgeous tag??????? ME ME ME!!! and IRL it is even more gorgeous!!!!
    Thanks my dear friend!!!!! You know how much i love it..... and you!!