Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chipboard Mini Album-Male

This is a chipboard Mini Album that I did from scratch. I cut out my own chipboard from 12x12 pieces into 8x10's. This chipboard is extremely thick so I went thru a couple razors to get all the way thru it. From now on I buy precut. LOL This is the front of the chipboard. I mostly used Bobunny's Time Piece collection through out but also a bit of the PION paper and a few odds and ends of stuff I had in my stash. The chippies are from both 3tailscraft and Dusty Attic. This entire Album is set up for a man so you won't find much lace or flowers thru it.

The side view of the album shows how I tried to make it look more like a book. I did this by attaching a piece of chipboard to the center of the paper that I wrapped around from front to back. There are also holes punched thru the entire album that I pulled leather ties thru and tied to the side. The trim going down the sides are a mix of leather and fabric.

This is page one/two with the Bobunny paper on it. The bench is from Dusty attic which I inked and the lamp post is from 3tailscraft which was already colored black. The flowers that I used are from graphic 45. That's about as frilly as it gets.

Page 3/4, using more of the Bobunny paper. The horse and carriage is inked and from 3tailscraft and the fence and tree/bushes are from Dusty attic. The tags can be used to slide photo's into or to put keepsakes in.

Page 5/6, I did a bit of stamping on these pages. I love the bench park theme stamp. It's pretty if you want to color it but also fine on it's own. The envelope tags are from graphic 45. The word Vintage is a chippie from Dusty Attic which I inked. The pockets are each filled with two tags to put photos on or keepsakes inside of.

Page 7/8. The paper here is a mix of Pion and the Bobunny paper. The large clock chippie is from Dusty Attic as is the keys that are dangling and attached. The tags on the clock slide under part of the clock into a corner pocket and on page 7, there is a tag that pulls out of an envelope.

Page 9/10. I'm not sure what line of paper this is from. It came from some odds n ends I have left that my dear friend Martica sent me. On the left you can add a photo over the circle and on the right the tags pull out for photo's. The wording is from Dusty Attic.
Thanks so much for taking a peak. I love the company.


  1. Great album,Love all the pages,Happy new year! joydee1963

  2. I love how you explain everything....Wish I could do that in my blog....