Friday, July 12, 2013

Keepsake box using Maja's Summer Vintage Line Paper

I made this box for a very special friend using the Maja Summer Vintage paper line. Of course I just had to add tulle to the top of the lid for that prissy girly look and lots of pink trim through out. The top photo is the lid and the way I wanted to portray the facing of the box because of the special way it opens. But since it opens to the side, I added bows to keep it closed. The center photo shows you this.

The third and final photo shows you what the box looks like once it's opened.  You can't tell from the photo but on the far left is a friend poem and to the right of that is a photo frame for her to place a picture in. I placed a picture of her cat Tangie inside because I made this box with Tangie in mind. She just lost her best friend "Tangie" recently and I wanted her to have something to think of her by. This is for you Donna.

The entire line of paper on this box is from Maja's summer vintage line and it is gorgeous. It's one of my favorite papers to work with and you can't go wrong by it.

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