Monday, June 23, 2014

Tag & Scrap Space

Decided to make a tag today while I was in the mood. I find it very hard to scrap these days since I've had to down size so drastically. No longer do I have my own separate scrap room. I now share my scrappy with my bedroom. Most everything is stuffed in closets throughout the house so I'm always rummaging through things to find what I need. I have got to find a better way but until then, this is it.
As you can see, the closet is stuffed full with scrapping supplies. My clothes are shoved off to each side. Thank God I don't have many clothes these days. The tables are actually sofa tables so they are not very wide, hence a lot of things fall off the back so I have to make sure that things are closed up tight before setting it on the table. Already lost a half bottle of modge podge when it went flying off the back of the table. Trust me, my carpet isn't going anywhere. lol
Yes, that would be my bed that you see shoved into the corner of the room. There is a small night table next to it and that's about all that fits.


  1. lovely tag and thanks for sharing your crafting space its better than my space all crowded. Wish I a whole room to myself for crafting. I share the basement with my husband office and kids.

  2. oh how pretty your tag. A looker just looking. You have lovely work. I hope you don't mine. I am a blogger also.