Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This use to be a barbie doll case that I altered for a fairy tale mini album about The Wild Swans. This album is chuck full of lace, flowers, tags for photo's and even the story line thru out with a mini book in the back that holds the remainder of the story line. Such a perfect little treasure for that little girl in your life to pass down to her little girl.
This is the entire Barbie doll case all altered and pretty. Now lets open up the fairy tale to see the inside.

Notice the pillow that sits on the bottom of the case. That is what this magical mini sits on as you can see below. I fanned out the mini inside the case so that it fits evenly. Now shall we take a tour of the inside......

 We are now looking at the front cover below and the front cover above is sitting inside the case. This is a round album with pictures of the story thru out the album along with the story itself and has pull out tags to put pictures of your little princess in.

 Just wanted to add a few extra pics to show you how the tags pull out that include the story line. You will find these on each page but I only added a few of the pics to give you an idea how it works. Above is page one and below is page one with the pull out of the story line. The larger tag is for photo's.

The last page on the bottom holds the book that holds the remainder of the story line. It was a very long story so there wasn't enough room inside the mini so I made a book to hold the rest. It sits down into the pocket on the back of the mini. I hope you enjoyed your trip thru fairy tale land.


  1. Wow, hon! It is pure beauty from top to bottom!!! Who wouldnt love this treasure??? Totally gorgeous!!!

  2. All I can say is WOW! That is some amazing detail and gorgeous design! So unique and just totally fabulous!

  3. Oh my gosh, Debbie this is beyond gorgeous. I've never seen one of these before, you always blow me away with your style and creativity!

  4. That is a great idea.Wonderful job. I really think that is awesome.

    I see those barbie cases alot in summer at Garage sales being the original. The way you have deco it. It is a fairy tale with lace and all. I am a big fan of laceand fairy tales. Still a kid in me. As Martica knows. She is another gal I follow.

  5. I wish you would do away with this word verification sweet lady. I had to do five words to get in. Always one of the letters is hard to figure out.Then it wont accept it. I had same with your friend Martica. I took mine off. As one can always delte people you do not want the comment to stay on or go off. You are in control of that way..