Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coffee or Tea?

What's to your liking, Coffee or Tea. If you're more of Tea person you must be into the Victorian Era. This cute little Teapot is full of Tea parties, flowers, lace, and beautiful pinks and purples. Enjoy your Pot of Tea and when you're finished, check out the coffee side of things.

The above picture is the front of the teapot. The middle sections are full of pockets/tags for small photo's and images of some lovely tea parties.

The above is the back of the teapot. Now lets see what a cup of Java is all about.
Below is the front of the coffee cup. The inside is full of tags for photo's and yummy images.

The above is the back of the coffee cup. So, what's to your liking, Coffee or Tea?


  1. Oh my Gosh, Deb absolutely fantastic!!!! I am totally blown away, these are just the cutest ever and I would love to try them but I just can't imagine anything topping what you've done!

    I'm in awe!!!


  2. I love your first four pictures witht the tea pots.

    Being English background. Afternoon tea has been thee up most in my life at home with my Mom. purplr and pink. I love the deco. In my blog. I did a Mini book of pink and lace around and inside with ribbons. I have now finished. I am going to try and do your tea pot for my second Mini Album I am to make. It is so beautiful and I have a lot of ribbons. Your work is so pretty. Thanks for sharing and thank you for following me. I just posted this morning on my blog. I have so enjoyed the weather last week. So your work is a thumbs up. I like your coffee next under the tea but I am a lady of pastel bright colors.