Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Victorian Shoe and Hat

I made this mini Victorian Boot Album and Hat for a dear friend for her birthday. It is made up of images of Victorian women with victorian quotes thru out. The boot was made by 3tailscraft which there is a link on the right of my page if you're interested in it.


  1. Hi Debbie..I'm new to the blog arena too. I don't know how I got to your blog but I found it and left the browser opened for two days. Jajajaa typical of me, and my hectic agenda, anyway, I am so glad I found you, your creativity is stunning, I can see that...and I loooove the hat. Among everything else I love in this blog. Jajajaja. Come visit me as well and keep in touch!!
    Have you met Elsa? From Just a few designs? She coordinates blog hops activities in her blog and I think you are an amazing candidate for that.
    Also, there is Ning for Mini books that I think you'll love to visit. (MAS) here is the address
    Glad to meet you and I'll be back!!! soon

  2. Deb Its gorgeous and to think you did it for me .....Thank you so much I will treasure it forever.....

  3. ps...try to be a follower at your blog but I couldn't click on the follow me didn't open.....

  4. It went to my fav follower. Martica rocks. How talent are you Deb to beable to send this beautiful gift back to her.

  5. Uau!! Adorei esse mini de sapatos!! E aliás, todo seu blog, um estilo lindo! As postagens acima também estão lindas como o mini de passarinhos e sua casinha!! Já sou sua seguidora!